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How to Boost Your Creativity

Breathe in and breathe out. Proper breathing can mean the difference between you being out of breath or having normal breathing. You never want erratic breathing especially when you are working out. Another great way to focus on your breathing if through creative tasks. Many times, a lack of creativity can make you feel drained with less energy. Research has found that simple acts such as traveling can boost your creativity. Signs that you are losing your creative touch include constantly losing concentration as well as lagging in your mental state. Don’t let your creativity take a tumble for the worse; give it a creative boost when you travel someplace. According to Life Hacker, you should be in tuned to your creative senses and take action as soon as you feel your creativity leaving you. Everyone knows how hard it is to get that creativity back once you have lost it so the trick is to never lose it completely. Of course, proper breathing techniques could prevent you from losing your creativity as well. However, you should be warned that once you do run out of creative juices, it can take a very long time to get them back. According to another article, besides traveling, you can recharge your drained creativity juices through a variety of steps such as: taking a step back once in a while, leaving your fears behind you, taking a second look at past ideas, going after inspiration, sharing with others, stepping out of your comfort zone and getting some sleep.


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