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At last Wim hof method revealed

Wim hof is a slightly similar exercise to tummo meditation and yogic breathing although, the founder subjected his body to extremely cold weather condition, heat and fear then came up with a name ‘cold hard nature’.


We are going to check the steps to follow in the wim hof method.


We begin with the step by step wim hof breathing


Comfortable sitting position


Take the most comfortable sitting position for you, the most suitable position is usually the meditative posture and freely expand your lungs so that you feel no constriction. Just like meditation requirement, it is best to do this on an empty stomach thus allowing your lungs to fully expand.


 Your 30 power breaths


If you have ever tried meditation this will be very easy but if not, imagine you are blowing up a balloon then inhale through your nose and exhale through the mouth in powerful bursts. Make the pace very steady then close your eyes and repeat it 30 times, your body might start feeling some tingling effect on your skin or you could also feel lightheadedness.


Apply the hold retention after the exhalation


After the 30 power breath, once again inhale through the nose filling your lungs up with air and then without force let the air out slowly and then hold for as long as you are capable of mostly until you experience a gasp reflex.


Recovery breath


Inhale through your nose to full capacity, making you feel your chest expanding and when full hold your breath for approximately 10 seconds. This will be your first round so you can go back if you wish to the start of 30 power breaths then another to make it 3 rounds.


Enjoy the feeling


This feeling will be more and more like the meditative feeling so enjoy the feeling and the environment you now see.


Take your ample time in recovery after the wim hof breathing exercise.


In addition, you can do the following




As a bonus you can add push-ups or yoga postures while waiting to gasp reflex and you will realize that you are stronger for push-ups and yoga poses when not breathing.


Go for the cold exposures


After the above exercise expose your body to the cold weather and try to relax as much as you can and listen to your body start a thermogenesis process.


Cold showers


If you are very new to cold exposure you can end your warm showers with a 15-30 seconds cold showers beginning with your feet, legs stomach, neck and back. Note that you are bound to feel some initial shock, shivering and hyperventilation but remain calm while closing your eyes to embrace the sensation however, if it is uncomfortable just get warm again remember cold exposure can be equated to weightlifting and muscles contraction so take your time because with time it is going to be normal and you will notice how you feel alive and strong after a cold shower and sluggish after a warm one.

In conclusion, Wim hof advises that if you have any medical condition seek advice whether it is appropriate for you to partake in the exercise, take the exercise in a safe environment. The exercise requires consistency for you to experience the benefits so follow your consistence plan. visit: